Thursday, 26 January 2017

A bitter south easterly wind blasted the island throughout the day creating some interesting censusing conditions but enjoyable non the less.

In recent days a good gathering of gulls has been occurring around the Narrows and in particular in the grassy field at the southern end of Solfach. Today an impressive two Lesser Black-backed Gulls, 99 Herring Gulls and eight Greater Black-backed Gulls were situated there, at points taking to the air in an impressive cloud of Gulls. These were even joined by a Grey Heron at one point which dwarfed all birds present, including a Peregrine that swooped low over the area. Oystercatchers were of similarly good numbers, sheltering in Henllwyn, 102 were logged along with four Curlews, six Redshanks and 24 Turnstones. A small number of Rock Pipits were found scattered amongst the seaweed along with a single Starling and 15 ChoughsShelducks, of which there were three today, bobbed about in the bays along with 20 Mallards and just off shore 96 Guillemots, eight Kittiwakes a Cormorant and a Shag battled the torrid conditions. Grey Seal numbers have vastly decreased from around the Narrows for the time being, weeks ago there were upwards of 100 hauling out in the bays, today there were just seven.

The Wetlands concealed a Jack Snipe, five Common Snipes and two Teals whilst further north in the stubble fields saw the return of the Pink-footed Geese. Assuming they were the same group as present during December their number had decreased from eight to seven. Very small numbers of other birds were logged with just handfuls of the common species found here.

The foot prints of a Common Snipe

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