Monday, 26 December 2016

Photo Review of Spring 2016

Well what a fantastic year we have had on Bardsey - 2016 has produced some cracking birds, here are just a few that we have managed to photograph through the first half of the year starting with the first bird to be finged in 2106!


A stunning Jack Snipe; the first bird to be ringed on Bardsey this year
 Black Redstart
What remains of a washed up young Green Turtle found in Henllwyn last week. Only the third record for Wales!

The first Long-eared Owl caught for four years

Several White Wagtails were on Solfach


The rather frayed Black Kite soaring high over Cristin. Another individual was reported from Anglesey later in the day; perhaps our bird heading north?
female Red-veined DarterBardsey’s first (and only) Blyth’s Pipit was found in 2005, then the first record for Wales, with today's bird becoming the third record for Wales, following one in Pembrokeshire in autumn 2014.

The short hind claw is visible in this image 
 the neat and evenly streaked mantle is clear in this image
 Note the short de-curved hind claw
 Short compact appearance

note the horizontal stance, the bird was never bold and upright as Richard's Pipit 
 the weak malar stripe and very light breast streaking
and the even and neatly streaked crown

Red-breasted Flycatcher
Greenish Warbler

2nd Greenish Warbler


Over 3500 Diamond-backed Moths were counted today

20 Thrift Clearwings were seen on the South End

The thrift on the south of the island is fantastic
Brown China-mark

Green Carpet was in the moth trap
 along with this Small Elephant HawkmothBlackcap, 

The second Greenish Warbler to be trapped this year. Prior to this there had been 11 records of Greenish Warbler. Seven of the 14 records have now been in the past 6 years.

Marsh Warbler

The FOURTH Greenish Warbler of the spring !!!
Greenish Warbler
Storm Petrel

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